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Posted by Schmavic on January 15, 2004 at 23:32:30:

In Reply to: myths and legends posted by kiwi on January 14, 2004 at 21:50:32:

The underground city myth took and even more bizarre turn recently when word leaked out that a team of top government scientist, disguised as oddly dressed German tourists and driving Chrysler mini vans, had located the alien cavern. According to Gus Lesnovich, a little known National Public Radio (NPR) investigative reported, the team located the cavern sometime in 2002. To their shock, they found it contained a 50,000 year old spacecraft that is an exact copy of a 2003 Ford F250 Power Stroke 4X4.

The alien craft was metallic gray and was complete with a 6” lift kit, Weld alloys and Parnelli Jones Dirt Grip 38” tires. It also had a sound system that scientists learned is an inter-stellar navigation device. From what Lesnovich was able to learn, the craft’s navigation system emitted sounds just like those of present day “gangsta rap” music. He further described the sound as being unbearable to normal humans.

No further information could be learned from Lesnovich, who has been described as an annoying liberal whiner with dubious journalistic credentials. Those who knew him said he blended well with the rest of the NPR staff. He mysteriously disappeared at about the same time Howard Dean appeared on the American political scene, further fueling the rumors that Dean is not of this planet.

The Department of Homeland Security Regional Director for area surrounding the Amragosa Opera House, Mr. Murray Sphincterburg has issued a plee to the general public. According to Sphincterburg, the Opera House is a hot bed of unusual beings sightings and unexplained phenomenon. Mr. Sphincterburg, recommends that Death Valley visitors keep a close eye on all oddly dressed persons in the area, especially those wearing “Rusty” brand t-shirts.

Because I can only take the torture of having to listen to the badly distorted audio signal of the National Public Radio network for a few minutes a week, additional info will be slow in coming. I’ll post more info as it becomes available.

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