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Posted by Bodie the Dog on January 18, 2004 at 11:16:50:

In Reply to: Hiking with a dog in Death Valley posted by Heather on January 15, 2004 at 21:43:17:

The desert isn't the best place to bring a dog. Lots of sharp and hot things to hurt their paws, unless maybe your dog was raised in such an environment. Also, the hassle factor from Rangers increases dramatically; it's like driving a VW Van with anti-war stickers on it.

Staying outside the national park will eliminate the hassle factor, of course.

From what I've read on the subject, if your dog isn't real small, its probably ok to skip the antivenom.

Finally, newest research indicates that the preferred way to dispose of feces in an arid and remote environment is to leave it on the surface, maybe even spreading it around a bit to facilitate drying and subsequent dispersal. Left in the soil they tend to mummify and not go away. I'm not saying you should dump on the trail, ala the French (ever hear about the tree bole habit of the French? Ever been hiking in French Polynesia?). The key word was "remote."

Finally, I don't NEED a dog. I functioned fine for years without one. My dogs are a complement to my life, an extra bit of happiness for me and my family.

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