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Posted by Louise (trailer trash old kook) Hall on January 18, 2004 at 14:04:44:

In Reply to: Re: White Swan? revisited posted by Volunteers gone on January 17, 2004 at 20:55:05:

Believe it or not I can talk for myself. What BLM did at the Silver Swans was not a policy. It was an illegal act. You can call it criminal activity by going outside of the law to take what they want or you can be politically correct and call it a wrongful government eminent domain taking for public use. That is if your secretive cabins are really for public use and not for the exclusive use of you volunteers. If they are strictly for your use then maybe you volunteers are the responsible party. It depends on what the adopt-a-cabin real agenda is for. I was mad at BLM not you,until I read your trash talk about me. Boy,I used to think I was a nice person but now I would be ashamed to show my face there. I'll talk to any of you if you want to talk but I won't put up with your crap. Like you I can be nice or not. But you should know what is really going on from someone that knows the real story. It is up to you.I am doing the the best I can with this thing and it is hard to fight BLM with you on their side also. It breaks my heart about the place but I have nothing to say about it now until this is settled with BLM. I never signed any agreement with BLM,in fact I refused to because I wanted to live there and work the claims the rest of my life. No good computer yet, but my phone is (520) 883-8852. If you think I am so bad maybe you should ask Bill not BLM. I hope my fight is with BLM but you seem to hate me, so now I don't know for sure. Tell me why, Okay?

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