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Posted by Zombie to Jackson/all on January 20, 2004 at 12:03:08:

In Reply to: Re: Web ruining remote DV spots ? posted by Jackson on January 20, 2004 at 00:58:29:

Jackson, no problem the feathers are oily this time of year but not ruffled -- it is possible that you have misunderstood me -- that is easy to do with the written word and I'm not the best writer.

I have concerns that not all people share our ethics about the special places we visit. I place you and your friends in the class of people who do care and understand the unwritten code of the back-country (some IS written).

If we do meet some day I'd think that we'd get along just fine and I'd also imagine that I could tell you about some of my favorite places (if you don't know already). I just would rather stick with an old system of telling people face to face as peers and having that trust factor that they do care about the area rather than just plaster it all over the internet.

Some examples; I met some nice folks at The Indian Cave who were picking up arrow heads and placing them into their pockets, they seemed very suprised when I mentioned that it was better to leave the artifacts for others to see -- and it was illegal to take them. When I asked them how they knew about this spot they replied that they read about it on the internet.

Some people were shooting up Emmett's old bus after they stopped they were asked what the heck they were doing. Their response was that they thought (wrongly) it was Charles Mansons old bus and no one would care if they shot it up --- and they had read about it, and the area on the web.

Just recently I towed a stuck SUV out of Goler. The folks were going to stay in Butte Valley but had no camping gear, they said they did not need any camping gear (none) because they were going to stay in the "cabins" they read about on the internet. (I convinced them that they may not get a cabin and in any case they would need some camping gear no matter what -- they headed home)

I have plenty of other stories about folks who have not gotten the understanding about the ethics of the area prior to getting the directions. I'd like to think that all people are like you but sadly they are not

I don't have secret spots, quite the contrary I love to share, but I just need to feel comfortable about who I share with. Believe me unfortuntly I have met a few folks on the back-roads who have asked about the area that I did not feel comfortable about sharing much information -- a gut reaction I guess.

I do agree with you about most computer users are honest but it just takes a few to spoil the party.

Would you post your ATM information and your PIN code for all to view on the WEB trusting that no one would misuse it?

Yes, you can find some mining location information at some librarys but to do it that way requires a passion (no to mention some work and prior knoledge) for the subject and the "passion" is a bit of a qualifing act and a step in the process toward back-country ethics.

And please, (unless you have ESP) slow down with the assumptions, like me not doing my share to help the area, being unemployed and being "Mr" Zombie (-:

Please be safe during your work shift and give my best to the volunteers at the Trona Museum and thank them for their time. I will look forward to your return.

Regards, Zombie

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