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Posted by Felonius on January 30, 2004 at 21:18:05:

In Reply to: Firearm laws posted by BOB on January 27, 2004 at 19:00:11:

The Park Service doesn't recognize the Constitution and in particular, the Second Amendment. They see themselves as an "elite" group with a "special" exemption from the document that supposedly protects us from unlawful government intrusion.
I watched two park pukes in Sequoia enter a large tent and begin carrying off the belongings of two Hispanic women and the three children who accompanied them. (The occupants had gone to the rest rooms)
My wife EXPLODED on these two facist pigs. (Barbie and Ken by the way) She said, "HEY! What the hell do you think you are doing? That is someone's home."
Ranger Ken got in wife's face and said, "This is bear country and I don't think the Magistrate will take kindly to the fact that they left their ice chests out."
Wife said, "Why don't you ask them?" The family was approaching the campsite. The Ranger wrote the "team leader mom" a $50.00 ticket and ruined the weekend for some really nice people.
It must be mentioned that the entrance stations were closed when these people came into the park and they didn't get the "BEAR INFORMATION" which is normally handed out to visitors.
That's just one in many of a series of PARK PUKE stories.
What ever happened to the nice ranger in the Smoke the Bear hat? You know, the guy that was helpful?
Don't look for it in our NATIONAL PARKS.

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