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Posted by GhostRanger on January 31, 2004 at 18:33:55:

I think it looks terrible!

The large cement barriers are supposed to keep vehicles out I guess, but just two days ago it looked like somebody took their vehicle right through the pool.

The increase of blactop in the parking lot will increase the temperature...kind of like it does in Las Vegas...maybe they want to break the record???

Very few picnic tables. When I worked thwere, this was the plan to "keep the bus traffic moving"...no kidding. GS-121's and thirteens came up with that idea. Kind of like when they make the local McDonalds ugly to keep the people from staying too long.

When they dug the trench for the cement barriers, the trench started filling up with water from the spring. Anybody but the NPS could see that coming!

The educational signs are the worst. There is a trend in that park (Badwater, Augeberry Point and Eureka Dunes so far) to put a photo of the view...right in front of the view! The old signs had better geological information. What are they thinking?

The boardwalk covers part of the spring they are trying to protect...overkill.

If they really wanted to protect that spring, they could have moved the parking lot 2 miles south to a dry area. I was told that would cost too much. Now we have an industrial parking lot. When are they going to put the Texico station and coke machine out there?

BTW, this cost 5 million dollars in Fee Demo money....

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