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Posted by No Name (The Original) on February 11, 2004 at 20:01:13:

In Reply to: sanctity of places posted by outthereguy on February 11, 2004 at 14:52:03:

... but it is OK for Mitchell, Hugel, Wells, Tucker, Digonnet, Willis, and dozens of others to write and sell books with the exact same info (in many cases, more info) and sell them at DVNP, Jawbone, Amazon, etc?!? I'll bet you have several such guide books from the above authors on your bookshelf. They give GPS coords, turn by turn instructions, tips on where to find rock art, cabins, mines, fossils and all that good stuff in a handy books that you can keep in your glovebox.

I contend that there is nothing posted on the internet that is any different than what these guys are putting in print. And profitting from .

I contend that the main reason that the backcountry is getting so crowded is that fact that Californians (including me) have collectively purchased close to a zillion SUV's over the past ten years and are using them just like the TV commercials tell them to do. Fifteen years ago there were only a handful of vehicle models that could successfully navigate the desert backcountry, and most needed hard-to-find or hard-to-do modifications. Now you can get a 4 inch Fabtech lift for a Porche! (Just kidding on that one...)

OHV green stickers have jumped several fold in the past five years. OHV's and the aftermarket, as well as 4wheel drive clubs, have never seen such growth as that in the last ten years. The CA OHV commission has some mind-boggling statistics on the growth of OHV use, if you are interested in researching further.

Another reason for more crowds in the backcountry of DV is that it is now a National Park, and an expanded one at that. Areas that used to me way deep in BLM backcountry are now well signed and receive visitors who would have never gone there before it was part of a national park. National Park status implies to the uninformed "Joe from Oklahoma" that they are as safe on the Saline Valley Road as on Hwy 395.

One further reason for the overcrowding you see is due to the draconian road closures of the past ten years by the BLM, NPS and USFS. Literally thousands of miles of roads have been closed, now funnelling us all into the same places, and creating a collective footprint way beyond what was expected. So then what do they do about it? They close even more roads!

I'm sorry, but you can't pin growing backcountry crowds solely on the internet. There are many other factors to consider before laying blame.

Nonetheless, I appreciate your ideas, particularly when they are well articulated and free of insults and profanity, which has become the norm on this message board of late.

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