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Posted by C again on February 16, 2004 at 04:00:10:

In Reply to: Re: keynot mine and buildings posted by Deep Creek Dave on February 15, 2004 at 22:53:14:

It's been some twenty years since I've been up to the Burgess Mine. We were trying to make aver way down to Beveridge Via the ridge route over New York Butte ( Prob one of the mines you seen) It had to be either 1980 or 81 which ever year they had the major big flash floods. They had house size boulders wash down into keeler the weekend we went.
We took the long John canyon I believe it's called on the way up. Took just about all day so we spent the night up on new York Butte. About 9:30 that night is when the rain started to fall and I mean fall BIG TIME ! Instead of trying to hike down to the old mining camp of Beveridge that next mourning we decided we might want to take a look at the road going back if there was one left ! The road we came up look to be a no go with a 15 foot drop off and a 40 foot span missing in between. So we opted to try to shoot for Cerro Gordo. To make a long story short about two or so miles from the butte my friend managed to roll his truck while I was out scouting the route! Truck crush our 5 gallons of water along with two other gallons jugs. Let's just say it's a long damn walk with no water lol. I believe it was Miller towing that finally made the recovery. Can't remember what they charged his insurance company but I remember telling him for what they charged Hell I would have rode the truck piggy back on my own back for that price lol
When I saw your post mentioning Keynot mine I just knew I had heard that some were before and sure enough it was on one of the topo's we had taken. Still have held on to them for the last 20 thinking some day maybe try it again. Nope I think if I ever do it it will be the same way you went in and that is by Chopper. Anyone know what the hourly rate is going for now out of Lone Pine? I guess would be the closest airport. I'm sure it would be at least 500.00 buck hour at the min. I know when I was flying out of Fullerton the cheapest rotor craft was several hundred, and that was 20 yrs ago.

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