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Posted by Zombie on February 19, 2004 at 16:00:28:

In Reply to: Re: THE BANDITO IS FOR REAL posted by Another take on this on February 19, 2004 at 07:32:17:

Dear, Another take

""A) I am assuming that those cabins are public domain and not private property - therefore, anything you choose to leave there is public domain, subject to use by the public.
B) You have to admire this guy, whether you like his methods or not."""
Re. A. So if you leave your camping gear, food and "sat phone ;->" in a cabin while you are out exploring it is fair game? What are the rules of "leave there".
Re. B. Would that be true of people like Hitler also? To me the entire personality is taken into consideration prior to admiration. --- Who WOULD like his methods?

Random reflections. assumptions are like...... well you know what.

I'd think that there are some qualified folks on the board who would not get "eaten for lunch" should they choose to find the Bandito scum.

I really don't consider him to be "living off the land" by stealing food, guns, bikes, fuel, camping gear and such.

By not being caught this does not make this guy a rocket scientist. I think it will be very difficult to bring him in. Unless he uses a weapon in a threatening maner he can't be shot, so he will have to be physically restrained - grabbed and held.

I'm not sure if the white hats have the budget to leave a couple of guys hidden in a cabin 24 hours a day, for possibly days. --- After being surreptitiously dropped off they would have remain hidden the entire time without going outside (now that gives new meaning to "smell your pee") no lights, fire or even cooking (yumm MRE's), while talking in only whispers. When at long last the door slowly creaks open they would have to pounce (hopefully not on me!) ---- this is sounding like a movie.

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