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Posted by P. L. Jake Vargo on March 01, 2004 at 12:43:49:

Many of you know that our family lost Big Dog Jessie in November. My mother, Cecile, just brought home a new pup to try to walk in Jessie's "paws". If you'd like to meet Little Miss Maggie Moore - go to

You might also check out the stories of Lost Mines of the Western Mojave while you are there. After she's had all of her shots, Maggie will be old enough to go out there and explore for those lost mines with Sadie and I. It should be interesting to see how she does on our first trip. She had a two hour drive from her birth home to our home, and she loved it -so I suspect she'll do just fine. Thank goodness she doesn't seem to be prone to carsickness like Sadie was - I thought Sadie would never outgrow that and I learned quickly to sit in the "way back" of the old Blazer on top of the camping gear instead of in the bench seat where she did.

My father, Roger, hasn't put up a new photo gallery yet. I know you have all enjoyed the pictures of Death Valley from last month. I overheard him saying that he was working on images of "rusty old things" that you find out in the desert - so sometime in the next week that should be online for you to enjoy.

Meantime, Mother has changed my name so I'll have to sign out as:

Papa Jake

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