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Posted by USCS on March 21, 2004 at 23:55:05:

The USCS has issued an alert of a possible volcanic eruption in the Death Valley area at the 4000 foot level on highway 190 on the western side of Towne Pass. This area is obvious from the “bulge” that has developed over the last five years, which has required realignment of the highway. They also have noted snow rapidly melts from this bulge, indicating higher temperatures. The Park Service would give the USCS permission to place sensitive monitoring devices on the bulge because it is within a wilderness area. The USCS requested and secured one of the CIA’s super secret and sensitive synchrotron satellites and positioned it over the bulge.

By this weekend steam should be escaping from the bulge. An r-square analysis of the satellite’s data indicates the eruption might occur next Thursday. In anticipation that highway 190 will be inundated by lava, CalTrans embarked on a crash program to widen and pave the Wildrose Canyon Road. This access to Death Valley will be open next Thursday.

The Sierra Club attempted—but failed—to get a court injunction to block the eruption and the road widening and paving project. Two years ago one of their members saw a dessert turtle swimming in one of the roadside ponds near Wildrose Spring. The judge denied the Club’s request; he said the desert Wildrose turtle was not on the threatened and endangered species list. A reliable sources says the Club may re-file that portion of the suite requesting Federal intervention in stopping the volcanic eruption.

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