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Posted by Rick on April 05, 2004 at 09:36:01:

In Reply to: Quads posted by Gage on April 05, 2004 at 01:45:28:

OK, Remember this, the NPS is a preservation group, the FS, BLM are conservation groups, understand? The park wants to keep it the way it is(or in their eyes, the way it should be).
Solution, the NPS (and FS,BLM) provide OHV maps with their rules and regs. simple. Some places require Green Stickers for Quads, dirt bikes etc.(and maybe non street legal bikes may not be permitted), do your home work! We live in a great day and age with the internet, all of this info. is available, if not, make a call(# on the net) and become informed, don't risk the ticke and don't tear up the land the NPS wants to preserve, they are the stewarts of OUR land, they only stewart a very small portion of our great county.
I agree, quads driven responsibly leave the least impact on the land, part of the issue is that the NPS is required to make these area accessable to the most amount of people, the some tims forgit that some of us may not be capable of walking 15 miles to enjoy it. Bottom line, their is NO off road driving on NPS managed land, yes, some roads on NPS managed land are closed to all moterized and maybe machanical (mountain bikes) vehicles. I don't know why they close the roads, some times it a simple matter that they can not manage the area and sometimes they are restoring the area that have been desecrated by overuse. I have been going to the destert for over 35 years and, yes, some places have been totally ruined by over use that once only had a faint dirt road going in to it. Respect the land, consider your chlidren, they may want to see it as it was.
I am not above debating this issure, I do not totally agree with land use phlosiphies, feel free to e-mail me with concerns. Rick

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