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Posted by Tami on April 12, 2004 at 12:22:21:

In Reply to: Strange Guy in Warm Springs posted by Mary on April 10, 2004 at 14:38:11:

Mary - we were out at Warm Springs the same day. We ate lunch there on our way back to Death Valley from staying the night at Stella's. There was a creepy guy there when we arrived too. I don't remember him having stringy hair but as fairly young and in shape. He was driving a truck with a camper and most of the front grill was gone. When we went to hike up the hill to the spring he was in the bushes drinking a beer. He kinda startled us and said "your'e almost there". The rest of our group said hi to him and he said nothing. We got the creeps and my husband and sister went back to the cars and locked them. When we came down we found an empty beer bottle where he was sitting and picked it up to take back with our trash. We went back to the cars and ate lunch at the picnic table. He came back to his truck, got a beer and smokes (saying nothing - totally unfriendly) and we figured he was going to hike up to the spring and soak. He was drinking the same beer as the bottle we found which pissed us off (I hate people who litter) so we left it next to his truck when we drove away. I seriously doubt he has anything to do with the 'bandit' just a rude ass like you can find anywhere. We thought maybe we had pissed him off since one of walked up on him pissing behind one of the buildings. Whatever..... life's too short.

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