My Uncle was the Mayor of Goler Gulch

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Posted by Randy Seden on June 02, 2004 at 22:40:35:

In Reply to: Garlock/Goler Question posted by Karena Aposti on April 13, 2004 at 00:09:22:


I'll comment on your questions as they appear in your post. First off, the group of cabins off Charlie road (named after my late Uncle Charlie Behrens-Passed Dec.2002 and I buried him in Goler Gulch), those cabins are all privately owned by a guy named John and he has been known to shoo people off at gunpoint-don't mess with him!

Those my Uncles father (Julius Behrens) built the main cabin that has the TV antenna on, but the rest were the cabins that the miners who worked for the Yellow Aster stayed in. Charlie applied for and got a patent on the land some years ago so it is NOT BLM property and he sold his cabin in 1997 and moved to Ridgecrest where he lived out his days with Aunt Marion.

Now far as the school, yes that was built in the early 1930's for the Depression Era miners kids (grades 1-8 only). I recently had the opportunity to meet the school teacher who at almost 95 is very sharp and in full command of her memory! Her name is Lucelle Waters and she graduated from UCLA with two degrees in teaching and took her first job in Tehachipi which only lasted a few months as a massive rainstorm not only washed away the school, but a locomotive as the Engineer and tender watched in horror from a nearby resterant! She was then asked by the Kern County School Dept. to work at the new school in Goler Gulch. When she arrived, she lived for several months in a tent (with a wooden floor) until the Behrens took her in. My Grandfather was one of those Depression Era Miners (as was My Uncle Charlies Father) and arrived in 1933 with the family. My Grandfather started out working for the Yellow Aster until he started up his own mines and on his 3rd mine (just of Goler Road where the land dredge used to be), his co-worker got drunk late one night and pulled a pistol on Grandpa demanding that he hand over the claim. So he told the guy to let him get his family safe in the car and he would give him the claim . So he woke up the family (my Father and his 2 sisters + Grandma) and they handed the claim to the man and drove back to LA with nothing but the clothes on their backs!

Ok, back to the Goler School, it lasted several years until the Argyle family left which at that point didn't leave enough kids so they closed the school and Mrs. Waters and the kids went to the Randsburg school and she taught there. The school stood until just after the war and some fellas decided they needed the wood.

Now far as that swimming pool, that was a holding pool for the water that was pumped out of Goler Gulch and the pump ran 24/7 to supply the day crew that worked the mill that sat on the hill in Sand Canyon where you see the red tailing piles. That dirt came from the "Red Doggy" mine which is sorta at the top of Benson Canyon as you go straight up from the Taft Club parking lot and wind your way around.

Yes there used to be water in Goler,lots of water. But after the 1952 Arvin earthquake (8.1?) it appears that the bedrock cracked so now the water level is aprox. 165 Ft. according to a mining partner who used to drill mines in the area.
Ok, now for as the Cemetary (which used to have a large iron arch that read "Garlock Cememtary" that somebody helped themselves to) there are 13 known people buried there (2 of which were a mother that died giving birth and the child).

So Karena if you have anymore questions, fire away! I hope Cecile posts the photos I sent her soon as it shows the fresh out of college Lucelle Waters (well she wasn't married yet then, don't know her maiden name). She lives in San Dimas with her daughter by the way.

Randy Seden

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