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Posted by Been There on October 08, 2003 at 22:53:05:

In Reply to: Titus Canyon? posted by Aspencrest on October 08, 2003 at 10:35:14:

I have seen a (rental) motor home drive through Titus Canyon. It got a bit squeezed through the tight section at the end. I have not seen the road in a condition that requires 4x4 - but that dosen't mean it never gets that way. Flash floods happen in the desert and roads get washed out.

My brother was driving a fully loaded rental mini van with passenger tires through Titus and ending up with a slice cut across the treads maybe a couple of inches long.

Too bad that the spare tire was one of those mini donuts. That lasted about 2 miles before the sidewall got cut.

Too good that I was with him and had the supplies necessary to repair the sliced full size tire and pump it back up. We all drove out no problem.

The guy at the gas station at Furnace Creek said that he charges $700 bucks to get somebody out of Titus Canyon. It would be a long walk to let him know you need help. He charges $1000 if he needs to take them back to Las Vegas. He charged about double normal discount prices to replace the tire that I emergency patched. The other place to get help would be Beatty Nevada. Don't know what those guys charge.

It's a great drive...I highly recommend it. Have fun and if you need help expect to provide it yourself or pay $$$.

- Been There Twice and Will Be Back For More

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