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Posted by Swanlady on June 15, 2004 at 14:12:19:

In Reply to: Whiteswan lady posted by Dave and sweetie on June 11, 2004 at 00:52:08:

Thankyou, for your concern. I liked Bill. I talked to him by phone for about two hours. I tried to talk BLM's, Lynne Gum into letting him stay there without my having to sign my deed to everything I owned over to Hector. Lynne said "no!". Is he wearing shorts that are too tight? This was before I knew they had already taken complete ownership. The point is not about Bill, anyway,tho. If BLM can put strangers in our homes to care for them, when our claims are idle,why, can't they use the same laws to allow the owner or caretaker to care for it themselves? Why does BLM have to have ownership before, "incorporating our homes into their program," if it is only to maintain and preserve them? Because it isn't? Why, are we told by BLM, if we do not sign our deeds, to the house and claims over to, Hector, we have to remove our homes? Why, is it, when we try to remove them, BLM stops us? Is, it not to force us into non-compliance, so Hector can take ownership anyway? What legal authority is BLM using that allows them to take ownership without any due process, procedures at all or even having the decency, of notifying us first? Why isn't there any communication between the volunteers and the miners, to see if the miner wants their homes cared for, or if they have to remove them to save their claim to work for an income? I have nothing against the volunteers, (even Scootertrash) except their silence in what I believe, to be covering up for BLM, and the sole reason, I could not get BLM, to return my property. They, BLM, could not very well return something, that they are blaming the taking of, soley on the volunteers. A project BLM denies giving authority for and no awareness of. I could not get BLM to return my claims, by returning my claim names,serial numbers, status, my rights to work them, and sign a liability release for people, they invited to use my property. Now that BLM has managed to take and keep ownership, if their interest were really in my historic (?) home, instead of the land, why did they just notify me they will be demolishing it in August? When, BLM, took my home and claims they took my heart and my only source of income. For the past two years, I have done everything I could think of to get BLM, to allow me to work my claims, without any possitive results. Other people have tried to help me, but BLM sounds so sincere and caring, nothing I say is ever believed and not one person has cared long enough to make BLM or myself verify what we are alleging against each other. Except for Senator Kyl's office. The BLM changes their story so often and blameshifts so often, it is impossible to keep up, anyway. Thankyou, for your post. If anyone can think of anything, please let me know. And,yes I was going to go after the volunteers, in order to force BLM to return my property, but I think there just has to be a better way. I am open to suggestions. Thanks again Louise Hall,-Swanlady.

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