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Posted by Curious on June 17, 2004 at 12:46:49:

In Reply to: Re: We have LA Water and Power District... posted by Zardoz on June 16, 2004 at 15:13:47:

Just to be clear, I did not state the people in the Owens Valley benefited at the time the aqueduct was built. Obviously this is not true. However, million upon millions of people benefited from the water project since its creation. The economic growth in So. Cal. would not have occurred and most of us in California today would either not be here or have vastly different lives then we do.

Obviously the aqueduct was not a perfect solution. Hindsight makes it easy for us to see that as well as the error is selecting the site for building the St. Frances Dam. My point was that it is as hard to point the finger at a single entity in the Los Angles political system as it is toward Mulholland or anyone else. Again, it is more complicated than that. A single ego is never the problem in such massive projects.

On the side note of the St. Frances Damn, there is much more recent evidence that Mulholland could not have known that it would fail. The technology of the time would not have indicated a problem with the location. I have visited the site of the damn and read some about it. It is fascinating.

Back on topic, moving forward it becomes obvious something needs to be done. Water has to be returned to the Owens Valley but at the same time the human needs of Southern California must be met. Just as with the building of the aqueduct, there are trade offs and likely there is not perfect solution. Our system is based on adversarial relationships. So it is not unusual that the DWP would be at odds with those who want it to spend money and resources on projects other than those that would meet it stated purpose. Therefore, they’ll do only what is unavoidable based on the results on the battle ground, in this case the courts.

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