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Posted by Backroad Joe on July 09, 2004 at 14:51:55:

In Reply to: NEMO Route Designations - EDITORIAL posted by Last Chance Rand on July 08, 2004 at 16:44:01:

Thanks for that editorial, Last Chance. You summed that up very well.

RubiBlue. There is alot we can do. I would say most importantly is to GET ACTIVE. I joined California Assoc of 4WD Clubs, California Off Road Vehicle Association (CORVA) & Blue Ribbon Coalition. Not for the social aspect or the great activities but because I know that my dues go to a strong lobbying effort. They also keep me informed about land use/access issues. From that point it is easy to get involved. If the BLM is holding a public meeting, make a point to be there. Most of the Natl Monuments have Advisory Committees which hold open meetings. Last month in north San Diego county, were I live, there was a "protest" held where dozens of off-road vehicles, hunderds of people and even a couple of state law-marks showed up. Hey, it made the front page of the local paper. Last Chance Rand mentioned above of the road inventory effort. Had I known I would have been there with GPS and laptop at the ready.

Be informed, be active. Monitor what the BLM, NPS or whatever agency is doing or not doing. Remember, it's our land. Not to far from San Jose several groups had filed a Notice of Intent to Sue the BLM for failure to adequalty manage a popular area.

Was it the enviromentalists, Sierra Club or CBD? No, the 3 organizations of which I am member along with AMA District 36 and another local motorcycle club. "Unfortunately, BLM has failed to actively or adequatly implement its own management goals at the area, unlawfully subjecting vehilce-based recreationalits to further and unwarranted restrictions."

Keep in mind many of the well organized enviromentalists with VERY strong financial backing would prefer that all pulic lands be locked up completely. Not just from vehicles but any manner of human access.

So, what will you be doing this weekend?

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