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Posted by Swanlady - how ironic! on July 14, 2004 at 16:28:11:

In Reply to: NEMO Route Designations - EDITORIAL posted by Last Chance Rand on July 08, 2004 at 16:44:01:

Is there anyway I can help save your roads? They are strong and well built. I would hate to see BLM tear them down. Maybe you could donate the rear roads for campers and manage the front roads as a volunteer. Anything to save them. You might have the same success the volunteers of the roads in Surprise Canyon, did. The BLM is a big agency that has to manage many thousands of square miles. You don't always get a fair fight, and there are no rules, except for our constitution, that say the government has to be fair. Ask any native American about the BLM and see what they lost. The environmental aspects of BLM's arguement has been adressed and the answer is the closing of the roads. The officials are not meanspirited, all they are trying to do is respond to the numerous public complaints of the transient squatters, with drinking problems, thinking they have the right to use the roads after purchasing them. BLM does not mean any harm, they only mean to take these roads away from you, to help you out, and to maintain and preseve these historic old roads, for the publics good. The volunteers they hire to help them, mean no harm, and have only moved in for the publics good, so the roads can be taken off the public nuisance list. A road that has a clean look will be less likely damaged by vandals. Maybe a mutual restraining order will keep BLM away from the area. Due to budget problems the State is broke and can not afford maintenance of your roads. This is sad because I have been to the area and it is grand. I hope none of you that purchased these roads are charged $75,000 or more for each one of your roads they remove, that would be a travesty. It is just a matter of time until they start closing parks and/or raising fees. Due to budget costs the situation is hopeless. However, your backroads are treasures, actually they are real gems in the desert, and must be preserved, for everyone but you. I am sure some of the roads are very historic and should not be demolished. Maybe the Maturanga Museum or the Historic Society could step in and help, and E.Clampus Vitus could donate plaques and monuments in exchange for another place to--enjoy themselves. I, believe there is a program called adopt-a-highway, BLM told me they are analogous with their adopt-a-cabin,BLM volunteers. These volunteers could care for your roads for you. In exchange for this care of the roads for you, the volunteers can use them from now on, even live in them if they want to, but you will not be able to. This is because, you as the owner, the one that purchased them, will only be able to use them two weeks a year as a tourist. This is so the transient desert rats, the general transient public, and the volunteers can use them. After all the volunteers are required to spend four hours per month cleaning up after themselves, so this gives them all the rights of ownership. But, you will not be able to, because you were the legal owners. I, believe the use of the roads is only prohibited to the legal owners, everyone else has legal rights of ownership instead. I know this sounds strange to you, but just think of the enjoyment you will have knowing, your purchased roads, you purchased, to earn a living from, are actually being used by all of the worlds freeloaders, with nothing but their own selfish interests at heart. It is really too bad, you purchased your roads instead of looking ahead. Sadly, if you had not been the one to purchase them, you would have been able to use them. There are only laws to prevent the legal owners of the roads from using them, everyone else is allowed to do what they want with them. I would like to bring one other sad thing to your attention. As the legal owner of these historic old roads, you will be the party held at risk for any liability lawsuits that have already been filed against you, for the publics use of your property, and any future ones that may develop as well. It,is just too bad but that is just the way it is. We should all stop this endless bickering about this problem, and put our energy to work to save these treasures. After all, we have to do something soon or we will be making people that own D-9's rich. Hope to help,I mean this sincerely. Swanlady

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