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Posted by Castle on July 14, 2004 at 23:46:19:

In Reply to: "Keystone Mine" posted by greenhorn on July 11, 2004 at 21:28:24:

Last I heard it was still being held by a fellow out of Ketchum, ID. It was being worked back in the 70's and 80's. They even had a jaw and ball mill and 3 8' shaker tables going for a while. They got water from Sourdough Springs via all the metal and plastic pipe you see in the canyon. The metal pipe was originally tagged to the canyon wall. Later, 1970's, the plastic pipe was buried in the road. That's why the bath tub is at Soudough. There water intake was 30 or 40 feet up from the tub. They allowed overflow to go in to the tub. That kept the amimals out of the water intake as they used it for drinking too. A lot of people have taken a damn nice bath in that tub also.They had the Road up Goler in good enough condition to allow dump trucks in and out of the canyon. The ramrod back then was a guy named Kirt or Kurt. He was married to a Mexican lady and most of the workers at that time were Mexican. Another fellow had it for a time, Ted Prey. I believe he was the one that was run out of the canyon. He was stepping fast in front of a rail, tub of hot tar and an old bed pillow. The current owner, if he still is, came along during/after Mr. Prey's dicision to deddy. Prey later had a lot of the front face, around the mouth of Goler, staked out and a lot of the dry lake bed. Don't know where he is now. I'm sure a search of the records in Independence could shead light on who IS holding it at this time.

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