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Posted by Swanlady--Insider on July 17, 2004 at 15:04:10:

In Reply to: Re: latest on Burro Schmidt Tunnel posted by Paul on July 15, 2004 at 12:55:23:

Let me say it again....less action...more talking....more brains. Why did people try to keep loggers from cutting down trees by chaining themself to the tree? What good did that do? It did more harm than good. Their help is the reason our forests are all burning down around us, today as we speak. Do you know since 1996, I am probably the only private home owner on BLM managed (not owned) land, that did not have to constantly worry about my home being in the path of an accidental??!, out of control BLM burn? This was because BLM, had several of their own personal agenda, plans for my home. I was not even worried about an out of control fire started by an accidental out of control BLM authorized lightning strike. While you guys are showing off high up in your trees getting splinters in your belly's, you could have done more good here on the ground. Why do you think BLM would not give me written permission and a plan authorizing me to move my own structures to private land, when I wanted to? It was only because they wanted it for themselves. You go chain yourself to something when you see Lynne Gun heading for it with his D-9 bulldozer, and pray real hard he remembers you "are" an insider, or later after your are gone,we can say "tsk,tsk, he should have used BLM's favorite tool instead." The "power of the pen" is the tool that does their damage for them. By, the time you see the glint in Lynne Gun's eyes, his pearly white teeth surrounded by his wide grin, headed your way, it is too late anyway. Pick up a pen and use it. I think the Congressman in your area is Bill Thomas and he is known to be a fighter. That would be a good start. Tell him how BLM is using the new regulations, wrongly, unfairly, and creatively. The BLM uses the power of the pen, get knowledgeable and pick up your own pen and get to work. While you are at it, get busy and help save the backroads, too. If you don't you will not even be able to drive to your damned treasures. As an insider, I have no doubt, you would like to see the Swanlady chain herself to something, so you could help BLM, get rid of her. Nice try, but no thanks, they, oops I mean their volunteers have taken everything except my ass. I think I'll just sit on it thankyou. Once I asked an older coot than me even, what we should do if we saw another Great Depression, coming on again? He said, "Honey the best thing to do would be to sit on your negotiables." I, took his advice and I have been sitting on it everyday since. You worry about taking care of your own ass, Insider, and I'll take care of the management of mine. And, don't tell me bitching never changed anything. I am a woman, I know better! Ask any woman. You can't because you don't know how, that's all. Swanlady

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