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Posted by Swanlady--gage on July 19, 2004 at 12:01:13:

In Reply to: latest on Burro Schmidt Tunnel posted by baldon on July 14, 2004 at 22:27:13:

Twenty Years ago, I was a black jack dealer on the strip in Las Vegas. Where were you then? I don't remember seeing you, on one of my games, either! When I bought the place from Mary and Lucky, I thought it was in very good condition. The Mancini's were living in Inyokern at the time and I was totally amazed the place was in as good a condition as it was for having absentee owners. But your value system may be totally differant than mine is. No, there were not thick plush carpets on the floor or fancy drapes. Where were you when I put all the money in it for improvements? I have studied mineralogy for thirty years, and I wanted claims geared to be more for the lapidary business and sculptors, etc, because these were the areas that I was the most knowledgeable, and knew I could sell to. AND ZERO environmental risk. For this type of mining I definately needed the structures. These claims were never before worked for that type of material and were extremely rich in it. Especially the claim the house set on. It is quite a mind trip to look out your kitchen window and see your money laying there peacefully on the ground waiting for you to process it. The house was there to benefit the claims during periods of mining activity, not the other way around. I have nothing but good to say about the Mancini's, or the condition they left the place. It is a mining claim, that is what you people do not seem to understand. Living there was very challenging, for both the Mancini's, and myself, during the brief periods BLM would allow me to. You had to haul in your own water, etc, no electricity, or city utilities of any type. The roof was set-up like an old fashioned cistern and the Mancini's and myself, when I was there, collected an amazing amount of water from the roof, itself. With the new changes to the roof this is no longer possible. And your not being aware of when I was around, is part of this whole game, BLM is playing to get our places, wrongly. Most miners, farmers, and ranchers, keep a low profile deliberately. Mining or caring for a mine is hard work and you do not have time to act like a social butterfly. BLM uses that fact to spread all kinds of rumors about our bad character, like Scotter with his implication about drugs the other day. I have been clean and sober longer than he has been a B.S. artist and that just about means forever, doesn't it? In a way I like him, but,damn he infuriates me, more than any of them. I have learned to think of him as my tolerance tester. He always makes me fail the test. When I bought the claims BLM was already not letting miners live on their claims full time, except during periods of mining activity, I believe that was the only reason Lucky was willing to sell them. Mining is a business that is to be used to earn a living from. The only way I know how to explain this to you, is how would you feel if it was a (good) grocery store in Lone Pine, that you had bought? You put a fortune into it and when you were ready for your grand opening and looking forward to money coming in instead of always going out, you are told your grocery store is now a government owned adopt-a-cabin? I had already hired several people here in Tucson, ready to work as soon as I brought them material from the claims. I was prepared to hire another dozen or so people when I got to the mine. I was in the process of calling people in Lone Pine to see if I could hire local help, when several people let me know BLM, oops, the volunteers had opened my place up for the publics use. BLM at first admitted this was true, and they were responsible, themselves, but promptly went into damage control and blamed the volunteers. Your question about my motives hit me hard and is forcing me to examine this myself. You know me, I can talk a rock to death, so it might help me, and everyone elses eardrums if you clarify the question a little better.I am glad you guys are starting to ask questions, so I can know what you understand and do not understand, and that alone will help you stop BLM from this type of trickery to take peoples property in this devious way. They are only getting away with it, because there are not enough of the locals that understand they are going outside our laws, to do it. You can not complain and put a stop to it, if you are not aware of it. A guy in my conversation downstairs, yesterday, asked me if David was forced to leave Tonie's by BLM. I had no idea you guys do not know BLM forces us with the use of the new regs. to abandon our property. They can then have the volunteers run around save our property from neglect, and do anything they want in our "forced absences" and the locals, that would normally not let people do this to one of their neighbors, do not know any better, or that it is illegal, because after all the BLM, is the law and represents the law! Trying to stop that type of severe harm to their next victims is definately one of my main motives, right now. I have already lost my property, but if I can do anything to stop this evil practice, I will feel a lot better. Outrage, is outrage, and I admit I own it, right now. In all my years in Nevada, I never saw a better public freud scam, than this one appears to be. I wish Texaco Don was still alive to tell you he knew I always kept and left my place nice. In fact I wish he was still alive, period. At least I was able to keep the property nice until BLM started saying they were going to tear it down. I thought when I gave them the White Swan claims, they wanted, they were going to let me keep the Silver Swans. Instead the names and the serial numbers were taken from the White Swan and moved to the Silver Swan, while I was still the legal owner of the Silver Swans, to prevent my being able to assert my ownership rights. This is why it is concidered claim jumping. By, the way I had only owned the claims about seven years when this happened. I do not understand why some of you believe, it is futile to fight the feds. Have you all gotten so complacent that you have forgotten what we are all about as a country? Read my post, back on the Nemo thing,I posted yesterday. Help us damn it! Look at that line of what appears to be, bull, the newspaper man, was told by BLM. I am sure he is too complacent,also, to go after the truth. Most of them are. Swanlady- Sorry, I shouted once Zardoz!

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