To: David A. Wright, Cat-Scan, FD, and everyone else in regard to the Bumper project

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Posted by wingman1 on July 28, 2004 at 12:21:16:

First off, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your kind comments. When we started this project, we had no idea how involved it would become. One kind of looks at this thing, and thinks "easy, no problem, piece of cake". Well trust me on this one, it wasn't any of those things (lol)!

Some of you asked some questions. I'll try to answer them all here instead of responding to each post.

To David W.

The hi-lift will work on the rear easily either by lifting on the bumper or you could use one of the D shackles. As for the front of the truck, you are right. Toyotas have no lift points. Hi lift offers a "device" that hooks to the jack and one of the wheels via some straps. In my opinion, it's totally useless for obvious reasons. This brings use to my next project, a new front bumper with lift points.

As for weight, the whole unit with a 31" tire, full can of gas, and jack, weighs in at just around 250 pounds. This kind of worried me at first until we actually got it on the truck. Some very welcome and unexpected things happened. First, that "Toyota rear bounce" was completely eliminated. Second, the added weight pushing down on the rear tires acts in almost the same way an air foils effects a race car. The truck now handles (and I ain't kidding) like a Porsche. I had in up in our local mountains on some very twisty roads. I could really push the truck through the turns. Flat and very stable is the only way I can describe the feel. I was also a little worried about the added weight effecting overall power. Well you know itís there but the power difference was really minimal. I cruised up Cajon Pass and Lone pine Canyon (local steep areas) at 70 in 4 gear.

As for departure angle, there is no difference. The bottom of the bumper is actually a little higher than the stock bumper. So if anything, the angle increased. Itís kind of an optical illusion that the bumper looks lower due to itís size.

Now for the license plate. I knew someone was going to bring that up (LOL)! Thatís not the plates ďfinal resting placeĒ. Itís just zip tied there so we could test the unit. We went through hell trying to find a relatively inexpensive license plate frame with a built in light. I just received it yesterday. The plate will be tucked up between the lights well away from anything that could rip it off. Originally, I wanted to attach it to the brackets by the jerry can. Due to a wiring issue, we moved it down to the bumper proper.

To Cat-Scan,

Ah the origin of the grade 8 S/S bolts you ask! Well they are available at a specialty hardware store like King bolt in LA. But ours were kindly ďdonatedĒ by a very well known oil refinery. I canít mention the name, they might want them back (lol). But like I said, try King bolt in Covina CA. By the way, there is another grade of bolt that will work as well. However, last I checked, they are kind of on the expensive side. That would be a grade 911. Iím not sure if you can get them in S/S though.

To Farmer Dean,

Just wanted to say thanks for all your kind comments. Even in the beginning when there were a few morons out there with nothing better to do than, well be morons. Hope we run into each other sometime out in DV.

Well thatís about it. I post a photo after the powder coat. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions. Iíll do my best to answer them.

P.S. Ed, I received your e-mail. Due to Earthlink's spam software it appears (to you) that your e-mail is rejected. It's not. I see them, It just gives me the option to block them if I wish.

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