most snake bites are caused BY people

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Posted by dave on August 01, 2004 at 22:19:59:

In Reply to: Bird Shot posted by Rick on July 31, 2004 at 10:49:34:

From the website

"Leave snakes alone. Many people are bitten because they try to kill a snake or get a closer look at it. "

But they also say,
"In some areas, such as desert areas, most rattlesnakes are small and don't have as potent a venom".

Any volunteers to test this?


"Most cases result from attempting to handle snakes, so the genus usually is known."

"In the United States, more than 40% of victims put themselves in danger by either handling pets or attempting to capture reptiles in the wild."

"UTMCK data support this by reporting that 15 of 25 patients were bitten handling snakes; 2 of these were involved in religious ceremonies."

"At least half of all bites are caused by foolish behavior: handling or taunting venomous snakes, or failing to move away from a venomous snake once it has been sighted."

The only snake you need to worry about was the one you didn't see.

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