Re: invalidating all land claims?

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Posted by Swanlady on August 10, 2004 at 08:39:58:

In Reply to: invalidating all land claims? posted by johnc on August 07, 2004 at 22:10:43:

What solution Scooter? For what? According to BLM they are not the ones that took ownership of my property, you did. They said the only thing they know about it is you volunteers did it without BLM knowledge or awareness of it. Your adopt-a-cabin director Steve Smith at BLM, said he has never heard of the White Swan. He can not even give me any of your real names. He thinks you are all out of Orange County, but he is not sure. If I want my property back I have to get it back from someone called Desert Dog. No, Desert Dog is not one of his volunteers. He has never met the person, he said. So give my property back, Desert Dog, the one that sleeps in the middle of the road, preferably in white sand. The one that will vanish like the wind without a trace and you have to travel the desert to see him, like most thiefs! BLM informed me they do not own my place now. They said if they were the ones that took possession of my property, they would have notified me before taking it, and used due process. They said they did not know how you managed to take ownership of the property, but you did. You took it upon yourselfs to turn my property into one of your adopted cabin, properties. The reason they could not give me your names when I wanted them to have you arrested, is they had no idea what your real names are. The District Attorney Maillet would not help me either. Why don't all of you volunteers, post your real names and addresses here right now, and let's get on with this thing. I'll send them to John Ashcroft today and we will let him decide if a one day illegal cleaning party in someones private home without their permission, gives you the right to take ownership of their property and turn it into public property as one of BLM's adopted cabins. The next thing you should do is remove your "Hanta diseased" house, and return my claims to me in a legal manner. If Swanlady offers you a compromise you should take it. The key word there is "if." Swanlady can handle BLM. Idiots that think all land is their land and all private homes are purchased to give them another playpen, are the real problem. BLM owns nothing. They may have silly little city boys conned, but the rest of us know better. If BlM owned anything they would be called the Bureau of Land Owners, not managers. Do you guys want to start dealing with Swanlady, about returning my property, or do you want to continue to rip and run, and use the protection of this forum and the anonymity of it, to continue to boast about how you are running all the private holders of land out of the desert, purely by stealing? If BLM is telling the truth, you are merely thiefs, no more, no less. You may have the right to think you are big shot archaeologists just because you paid $25 for your extensive one half day of training with them, but in reality you are not, Scootertrash darling. And I hate to tell you this, but the archaeologist do not own the desert, either. I quess you wasted that money for absolutely nothing. I hope you are keeping your day job as a CHP officer, because you are not an archaeologist. Now you and Desert Dog can open that bottle of Dom..., and you don't need to save any for your true love, the Swanlady, she likes where her head is at. You are the one that seems to have a problem with it! Your sweet old Swanlady, will still be here when you guys sober up. Bye, for now my sweets....Swanlady.

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