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Posted by Swanlady - Questions for Desert Dog on August 11, 2004 at 16:41:32:

In Reply to: invalidating all land claims? posted by johnc on August 07, 2004 at 22:10:43:

Why are you lying, Desert Dog? For over two years BLM has told myself, attorneys, congressmen, senators, other BLM officials, county, state, and several other federal officials, they had nothing at all to do with their volunteers using my house and claims. I understand they even told DOI Secretary Gale Norton the same thing. BLM said nothing happened on my property other than the volunteers had a one time only cleaning party on my claims, but they never entered my structures. BLM described you as analogous with the adopt-a-highway volunteers. They said they told you to not enter the structures because BLM knew they were privately owned. BLM knew this because they had been trying to force me to sign my deed over to them for the previous three years. That was the reason they would not let me move my structures from where they were or even let me demolish them. After I gave BLM the White Swans so I could keep my structures on the Silver Swans, I had planned to completely restore them, while I worked my claims. That was when I discovered you had taken possession of my property. It appears you did it simply by claim jumping. If you had wanted the use of my property why didn't you just ask me? We might have been able to work something out,in exchange for some minor caretaking? I did not want the adopt-a-cabin program there because BLM said I had to give them my deed to the claim and structures, so they, BLM could use them for the publics use as public property. Everyone knows this adopt-a-cabin program is for public occupancy and camping recreation purposes. Since I was the one to purchase the property, I thought I should be the one to earn the money from that type of endeavor,not BLM. Of course BLM did not agree. BLM kept demanding I sign my deed and give it to them, without financial compensation, right up to the day I discovered you had taken my property instead. I can never figure out if BLM is hiding behind your skirts or you are hiding behind theirs. But,I do know, when Ed Waldheim of CORVA said something stinks about the whole story, he was right. The funny thing is BLM is still soliciting me for my deed for their adopt-a-cabin program. I guess they will right up to the day they demolish the house and buildings. Anyway BLM said they did not know anything about that meeting you are talking about. That makes me wonder why you posted it on this forum May 20, 2002? Why did you lie then? Why did you lie about it yesterday? It could not possibly have been BLM sponsored, because BLM said they did not have any knowledge or awareness of your activities at my place, other than that one time cleaning party of the claims. BLM would not have entered my house without my permission, so why are you lying about that meeting? In July 2003, Scooter, posted, the paperwork was in the process of being properly filed. He was not talking about BLM so he must have been refering to your claim jumping paperwork. I blame you the most for my problems, Desert Dog, because you are the one that ran web-site ads inviting the worldwide public to the use of my property as an adopt-a-cabin. you did it on aol, yahoo, and several other web-sites. The last one I accidentally ran across was as recent as a few months ago and had been updated from the previous one. I guess because you invited Cassp. (the archaeologist) to my property to decide what to keep and what to throw away, they allowed you to run ads on their web-site. I saw your posting on it for over a year. I have watched you lie to the public for over two years now so I guess I should not be surprised you are still doing it. That meeting you are talking about could not possibly have been BLM sponsored. We all know BLM is legally bound not to lie. Since you are in their employ you should be legally bound not to lie either. Your technique of falsely slandering people and their property when you have, or want to steal it, had better stop. I am sure their are a lot of guys locked up in prison for stealing, that could tell you "Hey, Buddy, that method does not work!" If you do not stop, I will have a Judge in a court of law force you to stop. Another question, what is KDWN? Are you sure I can get it here? From the remarks you guys make it sounds like I want to. I'm sorry if I went over your head again, but I am sure Scooter will help translate for you. I have a feeling he is much smarter than he acts! I hope! The guys in prison could tell you playing dumb, is not such a good tactic either. Scooter asked me why I didn't just go back there. The BLM field office manager Hector Villalobos, told me you had turned my claims into public property. He said their status had been changed evidentally by you Desert Dog. He said the claims were no longer open to normal mining, they were now a designated public recreation area. He sent me the rules of recreation (43CFR8365) and said these were the rules I would now have to abide by. He said I could go to my claims like everyone else, two weeks per year. He also told me I could stay in my private house but I would have to leave my door unlocked to accomodate other visitors that might want to stay there also. I told him no thanks, I am too old, to have that much fun! Right Scooter? I have been told by you guys, for over a year now it is a "Hanta Virus" diseased dump, so I don't want to ever set foot in it again. I tried to get the health department to force BLM to tear it down out of fear for the publics safety, but this endeavor went no place fast because I can no longer prove ownership, because the claim names have been changed. The Inyo county legal council told me the place was no longer any of my business, because I no longer owned it. He yelled at me "STOP TRYING TO GET ME IN TROUBLE WITH BLM"! After I told BLM they had won, I gave up, in reality the structures are no longer any of my business. That does not mean I no longer care, it just means when the law decides to break the law there is no way to stop them other than a Judge forcing them to. One of BLMs favorite tricks is to prevent the miners from using their property so long the miner quits doing their assessment and paper work. Than BLM can say on their brochures that they only take property abandoned by the miners years ago when their claims played out. I am going to continue to do my assessment and the other normal things, so BLM can not get away with saying it. The good Paul told me David Ayers is going to do the same thing. I just thought I would warn you Desert Dog, in case you plan on claim jumping his claims also. Anyway, why do you lie about BLMs involvement, at my place, Desert Dog? Is it because you think it will get you out of a federal hassle for claim jumping? I don't think so! A dead body was reportedly found on my property and the sheriff told me that was not any of my business either. He said it was only BLMs business, he did not believe me that I owned the property, because I can no longer prove it. This is because you changed the claim names and serial numbers. I get a big kick out of you, Scooter and the other volunteers acting like you don't like BLM, when in reality you are one. I also get amused when they act like they have no idea who any of you are either! It must be difficult for you to act like you are only concerned citizens all the time, especially at your training sessions at BLM where they teach you to act like you are merely concerned citizens, whose whole existance seems to hinge around finding another historic structure to have your parties in. I bet they like your Alaska Amber real well, too! How do all of you keep your storys straight? I'll tell you from experiance, you are one hell of a lot better at it than your superiors at BLM are. I gave all of you guys the opportunity to tell me BLM was involved and authorized the taking of my property if it were true and you could prove it in my post to Dave and sweetie. You chose not to so they must not have been. If they had been I certainly would not be talking to you all the time in this manner. One of you descibed it as a mean edge. This has to be one of the only forums in the world where you are supposed to act nice and sweet to people who have managed to ruin your life. That, followed by lies and slander, to the person you have already victimized, is too much of an overkill, don't you think? I think it proves what small people you are more than anything else.

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