Re: invalidating all land claims?

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Posted by Scooter and Apollo 11 signing off on August 12, 2004 at 00:01:42:

In Reply to: Re: invalidating all land claims? posted by Swanlady - Desert Dog on August 11, 2004 at 22:20:36:

Little nuts this is getting to be...sorry to all the good readers who suffered thru this.....I Shall call the swan lady. I do not enjoy phones and do not do well with the complexities of blocked telephone lines but I shall try to call Louise one more time.The Alaskan Amber comment has me thinking she is refering to another cabin project and may have Desertdog mixed up with somebody else. D.Ds involvement in the project is limited to good music and a little painting.He is a homeowner elsewhere, like Bill S, and never sleeps in the cabins. It was me that built the firering and table at mingus.When these shacks are cared for, it can be used for camping by many people instead of being bulldozed or burned.
The swan is a big and beautiful structure, but is of no use to any of us offroaders as it is a mere half mile off busy pavement. It was not the BLM that advised the volunteers of it, it was concerned desert folks, like Darwinites Rock digger Dave and Sweetie who were concerned that their neighbors were thrashing it and using it for illegal activity. Swan lady Louise has valid points and well justified anger, all developed several years before we got together to try to save and repair damaged structures.The Swan activity consisted of removing shot up computers,propane cylinders, beer bottles, broken plate glass targets, and other dumped trash. The inside was not worked on as it needs a ton of rat poop removed and bleaching before it would be safe to inhabit. With other cabins way out in rock hop country where we like to be, the Swan was not returned to. I heard about it in Lone Pine(aug2002) and was told that legal action was pending and to stay away.
Panamint Jerry shouldnt have to pay for a websight of whining...and I am going to follow LCRs request to keep the sight clean and full of great desert info.
Houston control... this is Scootertrash the BODIE clamper, signing off on this topic forever.

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