Re: invalidating all land claims?

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Posted by Louise Hall - signing off to Scooter and Desert Dog on August 12, 2004 at 19:32:26:

In Reply to: invalidating all land claims? posted by johnc on August 07, 2004 at 22:10:43:

Wow, Scooter, no wimp you! Again, you volunteers make it sound like someone you have harmed should be made to feel quilty. You guys are good. The best defense, is always an offense. I am so very happy we are parting company for good. You have no idea how hard it has been for me to be as civil to you as I have been, and for so damned long. Thankyou, for helping me put the big picture together. That is all I wanted. I thought this was the most complicated, convoluted, thing I had ever lived through and I have had a pretty interesting life already. But it is not really complicated is it? It is all very simple isn't it? First, BLM will not allow us to work our claims, when we try to. They will not allow us to live on our claims or have a caretaker live on them, when the claims are idle. BLM will not allow us to move or remove our structures when we try to. Then the rats, vandals, and the concerned citizens, called the volunteers move-in and adopt the property and it is all over for the miner/owner. This scenario would not be possible without the illegal activities and help of the volunteers. It is all that simple. After that, you guys have another playpen, and BLM has the land,it is all so very, very, simple. I believe you and BLM can probably take over the rest of California with this dog and pony act. Hopefully, not so easily now, because I have let people know what you and BLM are really doing. You should have kept youe act in the backcountry. All your adopted cabins should be investigated and I will do the best I can to make certain they will be. I received more paperwork from BLM today, the Swans are gone, so you can celebrate the Swanlady is no more. Tear up her phone number. You were too cowardly to call her anyway. My hand of friendship is no longer extended. Like Chief Joseph said "I will fight no more!" That is what he said when he lost his beloved White Swan, just outside of Lone Pine, California. Under his breath I am sure he said, "not out here in the open, anyway, I will litigate, or prosecute, instead, these soldiers play too, rough!" The fondness I had for you Scooter, I will use to pray for you. I will pray for you to continue to enjoy good health. I will pray your plunders are considerable enough to make you happy. I will pray you continually remain so very damned georgeous and pretty, forever. I will pray you manage to get all out of life that you want, and I will pray you die happy, rich, and well loved surrounded by your little band of.....friends. Unfortunately, I will pray for this to happen "today!" No, I am just kidding! The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifferance, I feel indifferant towards you, now. I do not hate you but I do hate your actions that harm people. Evil is evil, and I do hate evil. And you know what, I really don't give a damn what KDWN is, as I am heading to Mexico, since it appears they now have a better government and more rights than we do. Now trash me as usual or not. Making you feel good, is what this country is supposed to be all about now, isn't it? Thankyou for cutting me loose so I can cut loose of you. I have always loved my freedom and independance. You have both finally let me know what I wanted to know in your last posts. BLM really has delegated their authority over to you, to do their takings for them. Dave and Sweetie are not officially BLM, I am sure. You and BLM clearly work in partnership to take land without having to purchase it. Thankyou both of you for removing all doubt. When bad things happen to me I always deal with it better when I know how it happened. I usually find the answer when I follow the money. When I did that this time the trail really proved to be quite interesting, so don't forget to buy my book. You will be famous, instead of being merely odiously, infamous. I'll use ficticious names, I'll call you Scootertrash, and myself Swanlady, so nobody will be able to figure out who we really are. There is so much more to this Swan story, Scooter, that even you will be shocked. You will be surprised when you find out what really big boys you are dealing with. As for my wrongdoing, all I did wrong is catch the little fish at BLM with their pants down and I did not like what I saw. Yuk! Like you, I also apologize to the good people at this fireside chat and to Panamint Jerry and I will miss some of you very much. I just hope my bad experiance here, helps others that are next on your adopt-a-cabin chopping block. If so it will be worth the degradation you have put me through. But our little soap opera is over and I hope you are content to leave it that way. I am now prepared to put on my deep rich purple dress, and bow to your superiority. (not really). It is always good to know when it is time for an old gal to put on her purple dress, right my good friend Karen? Jerry K.s concept of what BLM is all about is all wrong too. You can not fight ignorance, and I will not try to, with any of you anymore. I am now convinced you all know exactly what you are doing and just do not care as long as you have a good time. My life expectancy is now too short to even worry about you anymore. I will simply turn all of this over to people that already know how to handle people like you. Your guys are not the only big guys there are in the world. Because of you I have met some really great people this last couple of years. Our country seems to be about equally divided now, for every bad guy there seems to be a good guy, fortunately. Yes, I am for "W" but I really hope your guy gets in office. Complacency, is just about to cause us to loose this country. I think we need a good jolt. Goodbye, Dear, I really did like you a tiny bit you know.....Louise Hall

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