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Posted by David Victor Day Sr. on August 20, 2004 at 23:34:27:

In Reply to: About all of those supposed warnings and barriers posted by Rob Nelson on August 20, 2004 at 02:43:03:

One night four decades ago I drove down 190 from DV Junction to FC at the start of a heavy rain storm. I recognized from the beginning that there was about one law enforcement officer (ranger, Inyo Co SO, or CHP)on duty for about every 100 miles or so of paved road and the chances of seeing one on my stretch of road was zero. I recognized that my safety depended on my own observations, experience and judgement. There was no one else around to help warn me of danger. I carefully made it through before the flooding hit the lower reaches of the FC Wash and took out the road. At the time, I did not see, nor did I expect to see, any law enforcement personnel simply because there are not many there and those that are there are probably really working on priority matters that go beyond my perceived needs. And whenever I am in the desert, or the mountains, or the urban ghetto, I work on the same basis. My own common sense can best protect me from tragedy. I don't expect someone else to walk me through life's challenges. If someone doesn't have the experience, knowledge or skills to deal with the desert, my advice is not go there. And, remember the first rule of desert travel - watch for flash floods! On the other hand, if someone prefers to be guided through all of life's challenges, then my advice is camp out at the nearest family services office.

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