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Posted by The Kid on August 21, 2004 at 20:54:58:

Am I the only one who sees it this way:

1. It rained. It poured. I sat here in the valley I have called home for many years. I posted that it was a heck of a storm. It was. Or rather it was right HERE...

2. Some folks died. I don't know if they tried to cross the water or were caught in the wash without a paddle. But the desert took em...

3. A lot of roads were gone in a flash. Not just roughed up, they were gone...and most routes that weren't gone were made incredibly unsafe.

NOW - 1. This storm was a big one, but the only difference was that it impactd a few particular square miles. Those square miles fed into FC wash which flows right has happened before (I've seen it myself) and it will happen again. I sat and watched it and thought WOW, but I've seen that same degree of storm cell activity and rain at least a dozen times in other parts of the valley. But those were other cars to wash away, no pavement to buckle and stack, no buildings to fill with mud. Just me and tent and some beer. I've been chased out more places than I care to remember by running water, fear of being struck by lightening, or a combination of both with hail, snow and winds hot and cold thrown in for good measure. What happened at the FC area was not unusual, it just happened HERE and affected 190 and other roads in a major way.

2- Ah yes some folks died. Thats unfortunate....and I'm tired, no...angry at those (including myself) who speculate that they "attempted to cross" or "went around a barricade". Even angrier at those who think the NPS or CHP could have done anything to prevent this. At first, I thought, why did they try to cross the water..... but we don't know and we never will. And thinking on it later I know that it could be ANY of us...1st timer or desert rat with years in. In fact most of us who have been out here a while are more likely to push it a bit further before trying to locomote up high ground. Think about it a while. Give it an honest answer... if you were rounding the corner at the inn and the rain was behind you and FC was right there, water is only a couple inches..yet....oh well none of us really knows what we would do. So stop second guessing! And to those that think that there could have been intervention....well everything that could have been done was and I know because I heard it on the scanner and radios. Some people just don't seem to understand the FLASH in flashflood. We get NWS warnings all the time; if we closed every road every time the same idiots would be upset....

3. Which brings us to Roads Closed. They are. Park Closed. It is. Now when will people stop trying to run barricades, sneak in, buy pictures, take pictures, etc....Bluntly put the roads are dangerous right now. I have seen em. Mostly 1 lane in and out. Undercut. And the residents and folks helping out here are the only ones who NEED to be here now. I don't care if you know the roads and have been here 100 times, I don't want to meet you on a dusty curve in the dark after a long day to Vegas for food and supplies.

I'm not the only one out here who has shared these thoughts lately.

Anybody here (or elsewhere) agree? If not, let the flames begin!!

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