PSR Drink

Length: 2 miles, one-way. 
Starting Point: Mosaic Canyon parking area, 2 miles from Stovepipe Wells Village on graded dirt road. 

Description: Popular, easy walk up narrow, polished marble-walled canyon. Some slickrock scrambling necessary. "Mosaics" of fragments of rocks cemented together can be seen in canyon walls. Bighorn sheep sighted occasionally.

Length: 3 miles, one-way. 
Starting Point: Scotty's Castle Road, 3.8 miles north of Titus Canyon road exit. 

Description: Colorful (red) narrow mountain canyon. From road, hike 2 miles up alluvial fan to mouth of canyon (watch for meeting of red and black rock to locate canyon). Rock climbing skills are needed to continue beyond a dry waterfall 1 mile up the canyon. No Trail.

Length: 1 mile, round-trip. 
Starting Point: Natural Bridge parking area, 1.5 miles off the Badwater Road on graded dirt road, 13.2 miles south of Hwy 190. 

Description: Moderate uphill walk through narrow canyon. Large natural bridge at 0.3 mi. Trail ends at dry waterfall.

Length: 0.5 mile round-trip. 
Starting Point: Salt Creek parking area, 1 mile off Hwy. 190, 13.5 miles north of Furnace Creek. 

Description: Easy, self guided trail on a boardwalk over small stream. Good for viewing rare pupfish and other wildlife. Best in late winter/early spring. Trail guides available on site or at park visitor centers for 50 cents.