PSR Tent

Titus Canyon

(27 miles)

This popular road is ONE-WAY from east to west. To find the beginning of the drive, follow the highway toward Beatty, Nevada. Turn left 2.7 miles east of the park boundary. The road re-enters the park and winds through the Grapevine Mountains, then drops down through one of Death Valley's most spectacular canyons. Along the way watch for the ghost town of Leadfield and petroglyphs at Klare Spring. A self-guided booklet describing geology and trip highlights can be purchased at the visitor center. Although this road is often passable to 2-wheel-drive vehicles, conditions can vary, so check at a visitor center for current road conditions. No Camping Along Titus Canyon Road.

Thanks to my friend Jeffrey Sipress for permission to use this exceptional photo.

Difficulty Rating: 1