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Warm Springs Canyon / Butte Valley / Goler Wash

(21 miles)

Heading west off of the West Side Road, this road follows Warm Springs Canyon past several talc mines before leading into scenic Butte Valley, at an elevation of 4500 feet. (4X4 required beyond mines) A rough road leads out of the park over Mengle Pass and into Panamint Valley to the west via Goler Wash. No Camping First 2 Miles. The western end of Goler Wash used to be very rough (click to see Quicktime Movie), but it was graded recently and is much improved.

Photo above of Butte Valley's namesake, Striped Butte, by Jeffrey Sipress. Thanks, Jeffrey!

Difficulty Rating: 
Warm Springs Canyon to Talc Mine = 1
Butte Valley & Goler Wash = 2
Mengle Pass = 3