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Death Valley has hundreds of miles of backcountry dirt roads and 4x4 trails to explore and enjoy. Here you'll find descriptions, maps and trail reports to consult in planning your trip.


(26 miles from Dante's View Road)

To access this road, travel 13 miles south on the Greenwater Valley Road from the paved Dante's View Road. The road into Gold Valley (4X4 required) leads off to the west, climbs over a pass in the Black Mountains, and drops into mountain-rimmed Gold Valley. The road ends at the spring in Willow Canyon. Camp at least 200 yards from any water source.

Difficulty Rating: 1; To Gold Valley = 2

(8 miles from West Side Road)

This canyon drains from the park's highest elevation 11,049 ft. Telescope Peak. The road climbs the huge alluvial fan before dropping into the gravel wash at the canyon's mouth 5 miles in (4X4 recommended in wash). Follow the south fork of the canyon to road's end, downstream from Hanaupah Springs. Hikers can continue past the end of the road. Camp at least 200 yards from any water source. No Camping First 2 Miles.

Difficulty Rating: 2

(32 miles)

This rough 4x4 road runs south from Ashford Junction to Highway 127, 30 miles north of Baker. This is the extreme southern entrance to Death Valley. It follows the Amargosa River and provides access to the Avawatz Mountains, Saratoga Springs, the Owlshead Mountains, and the Confidence Mill site. Except for the 12 mile stretch between Highway 127 and the Owl Hole Spring Road, the road is rough: there is deep sand along the way and a river crossing that can be impassable if there is deep water. This is a remote and seldom travelled route -- visitors must be well prepared.

Photo above of Saratoga Springs, by compadre Jeffrey Sipress. Thanks, Jeffrey!

Difficulty Rating: 1

(4 miles to the "hole"; 2 miles to road's end)

The road begins 5.5 miles east of Furnace Creek Inn on Hwy. 190 and traverses east up a rugged gravel wash. After passing through the 400' deep gap called Hole-in-the-Wall, the road becomes rougher (4x4 required). No Camping First 2 Miles.

Difficulty Rating: 2