PSR Dine

Panamint Four D's

Written December 15, 2000 for Ruby the Dog at Panamint Springs Resort

While resting at the R/V park,
In Panamint California
A Dirty Dusty Desert Dog, I met,
Of quite uncertain origin.

A Labrador mix as black as pitch,
Except for her fancy collar.
For she wore a kerchief around her neck,
To match that desert's decorum.

Her eyes were bright and full of life,
And her tail would flail profusely.
While watching her master's every move,
She was on a mission, resolutely.

For Ruby loved to be loved back,
She'd succumb, in any way you'd offer.
And a rub to her head, her belly or back,
Would cause her eyes to go all a flutter.

But if Jerry happened to disappear from sight,
Or his voice was no longer discernible,
All that lovin' don't mean squat,
for Ruby was not detainable.

by Danny Ray Thomas