Call me crazy...

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Posted by Will C. on February 13, 2002 at 21:41:42:

What started out as an elaborate 4- to 6-person Death Valley RV-based camping/mountain-biking excursion over Presidents Day Weekend has, for various reasons and lame excuses from those involved, whittled itself down to just little old me.

So I got my tent and my sleeping bag and my camp stove and my bike and some grub and my sense of adventure and dangit, by gum and with vigor I'm a-comin' solo to DV to f-f-f-freeze by night and ride by day and in-between just decompress and marvel at the magnificence I'm sure I'll find.

My friends think me crazy for doing such a trip all by myself, but I tell 'em I'm a big kid now and besides there's something about DV that's just calling me out and I have to answer it.

So if any of you reading this happen to be in the vicinity of the Mesquite Spring campground between Feb. 15-16 (maybe 17 and even 18 if his food, propane and resolve hold out) and see an almost harmless solitary soul hanging out and/or riding the range on his trusty Raleigh mountain bike, don't laugh (at least not out loud) and don't be afraid to say howdy. There's a good chance he'll have a beer with your name on it (unless he runs out of that, too).

Wish me luck!

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