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Posted by cecile on March 30, 2002 at 13:08:50:

In Reply to: Re: What are the Odds? posted by NoKarma4U on March 29, 2002 at 17:33:01:

I find that the odds are actually in your favor on something like that. I knew a German with what I called a Mercedes Jeep that my husband and I used to go out with years ago. Another friend of mine was in Moab, I believe, one time, and ran into a German - they got started talking and realized they both new us.
After a few years as a Friend of Jawbone, I was at a fundraiser at the Y I worked at and realized that I was standing next to someone with the same unusual last name as the president of the Friends. This guy was in charge of the maintenance service that serviced our Y, and I realized that the President of the Friends owned a maintenance service. Of course, the guy I was standing next to was his son. They also do business with my son, who is in the dirt bike business. Here I had k nown both Ed and Chris for years, and never realized the connection!
Most recently, I found out that the step sister of a friend of mine is new caretaker of Cerro Gordo, where I have been going for 14 years. I always felt I would live there someday, but never dreamed I would pracitcally be related to someone that would be involved up there!
Just this past week, my husband was attending a Geology Field trip with a college class and was based out of Lone Pine. He told me some guy driving a peice o machinery down hwy 395 followed him back to the motel so they could talk. He was a search and rescue guy that we knew from the Friends of Jawbone.
Steve S, that posts here often, brought his friend Dave, on one of our 4wd tours once. when he introduced us, we just laughed. We had known Dave for many years, and been camping and 4-wheeling with him many times.
Another favorite - while buying a sweatshirt in Mammoth at the Mammoth t-shirt shop, my Mom was complaining I was paying too much for it, as I was up at the counter. I told her not to worry, it was a business expense since I could wear it on our off road tours. The girl running the counter asked me about it and I told her what we did. She said she had a ghost town website and was a ghosttown hunter. We started comparing notes on ghost towns and tried to out do each other in where we had been. We got exchanged e-mail adresses, and got together for dinner every time I was up in Mammoth doing a tour. I found out a year later that she was only minding the store for an friend that an emergency and no one else to turn to. Cat and I are close friends now and even got the opportunity to go to one of our favorite ghost town together.... you got it... the Cerro Gordo.

I could go on and on.... these things do happen ....and it never ceases to amaze me.

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