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Posted by Trevor Tarr on March 30, 2002 at 20:48:22:

In Reply to: Vehicle Equipment Questions for DV posted by fran on March 30, 2002 at 16:10:31:

I drive a '97 Land Rover Defender 90. For all the
trails I've driven in and around Death Valley , plus
desert offroading in general elsewhere, I'd say
the most important equipment/supplies you want to be sure
to have are (all pretty much common sense):

* Sturdy offroad tires
* At least one equally stury offroad spare tire
* A tire repair kit (like Safety Seal)
* An air compressor, even an inexpensive
low-volume slow one
* A Hi-Lift jack (and be sure you've got good
jacking points on your vehicle ... if not, Hi-Lift
makes bumper adaptors)
* Good ground clearance is a plus (so maybe a
suspension lift)
* Good underbody protection is a plus (so maybe
skid plates/rock sliders)
* More than enough fuel for the distance you plan to
cover, accounting for your lower offroad mpg
* More than enough water for the time you plan to
be out
* An adequate set of tools
* Critical replacement parts, like belts and hoses
(or kits to repair them), nuts and bolts
(especially sized for critical suspension
components) and materials to improvise with (duct
tape, bailing wire, hose clamps, etc.)
* A means of communicating between vehicles (FRS,
CB, etc.)
* Hiking and camping equipment--even if you don't
PLAN to hike or camp
* Sturdy recover points at both ends of your
vehicle, a recovery strap, and shackles to attach
* A shovel
* Snow chains in winter
* A headlamp (Petzl or other), for everything
you'll end up having to do in the dark, under your
rig, etc.

Lockers and a winch are nice, but not essential.

I'm sure I'm forgetting important stuff, but this
list is starting to look lonnnnng.

For details of modifications I've done, check out
the link below.


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