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Posted by Randy S. on April 02, 2002 at 15:00:35:

In Reply to: Re: DV Experiment posted by DV Fan on April 01, 2002 at 15:31:34:


No offense intended, but you’re using the wrong end of your intelligence. With enough persistence, almost any road in the DV area can be “conquered” with a 2WD vehicle. But the more important issues are, are you willing to risk/accept the damage your vehicle will sustain, are you willing to make repairs to the road due to all the 2WD digging and scratching you’ve done which results in unnecessary holes and ruts in the road that the next person will have to contend with, and last but not least, the “maximum a day walk if vehicle breaks” could be your last. Don’t underestimate the area. There are many other issues as well.

The concept of 4WD is to make off-road travel easier on the vehicle, its occupants, and the road. I for one don’t appreciate having what few roads we have left used in “experiments” to satisfy a narrow-interest curiosity. Also, you’re placing yourself in a potential situation that would require someone else to rescue you and your vehicle because you didn’t heed legitimate warnings.

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