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Posted by Lara on April 04, 2002 at 16:35:59:

In Reply to: Manly/Rogers' Route Over The Panimints posted by Jim on April 04, 2002 at 11:03:04:

This is SO exciting! The book “Escape from Death Valley as told by William Lewis Manly and other 49’ers” arrived today. It was researched, edited and annotated by Leroy and Jean Johnson.

The back cover says this book includes the initial account of the rescue (published in monthly installments in 1888) that has not been readily accessible. This earlier account includes valuable information missing Manly’s book.

It also includes the author’s analysis of the routes, John Rogers’ account, Louis Nusbaumer’s journal and the Rev. James Brier’s letters.

“On one notable trip to Death Valley, Leroy and a friend hiked the Manly-Rogers routes as closely as possible during the same time of year and covering the same number of miles each day that the rescuers walked. Escape from Death Valley is the culmination of thirteen years of research - on foot and in libraries.

In the back is a camp-by-camp listing of Manly and Rogers three trips on their escape.

Last Chance, you had it right when you said they had different routes - they did vary in some places, but in looking at the list of camps it appears they stuck to much the same trail.

If anyone is interested, I’ll copy these camps and days and post them.

I can tell I am going to be up late tonight with a big map of California and this book. :-)

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