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Posted by sas on April 10, 2002 at 18:34:12:

In Reply to: Dirt Road Ridgecrest => Stovepipe accessible ? posted by Tobias on April 10, 2002 at 08:45:57:

paved roed from ridgecrest to stovepipe. been paved since 1965 that i know of. ridgecrest to trona is 25 miles- make it in 30 mins. this road goes through poison cyn and passes the turn-off to the pinacles where many movies were filmed. trona actually consists of 4 towns grouped together: westend,argus,trona and pioneer point. they all blend into each other. pretty much a depressed community due to it's livelyhood- the mining action on the searles dry lake is pretty much nill. leaving trona, you gain elevation passing the turn-off to homewood cyn where there are residents that commute to trona to work. then up the slate range as mentioned with the first view of the panamint valley. decend into panamint valley, passing the turn-off to the old ghost town of ballarat, where not much exists anymore- only memories. then on a straight stretch of road for 10 miles along the floor of panamint valley. here is an intersection where if you turn left it will take you to 190. i recommend going straight through wildrose cyn and then hit 190 at emmigrant springs. much prettier drive. there are the charcoal kilns you can branch off to see- 10 mint condition beehive kilns built in the late 1800's to make charcoal for ore processing. if you are towing a trailer it is recommended not to do the wildrose road- very narrow in a few spots.

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