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Posted by sas on April 11, 2002 at 07:03:52:

In Reply to: Re: tell you what. posted by OldOne on April 10, 2002 at 22:20:33:

[QUOTE]Not forgetting the handicapped and millions who pay taxes for access to NPS lands let us have the NPS rebuild the road and pave it creating a shorter highway from LA/Orange County into that great sandbox called Death Valley. At the entrance to the Barker Ranch build a visitor center, with a paved trail into the ranch site, wheelchair accessibility. Also, leave a dirt track next to the paved trail for mountain bikers. Damn you guys are easy to hook. I have been locked out of over 90 per cent of my favorite back-country roads...and to damn old to walk.[QUOTE]

you are missing the point although you are on an un-reasonable tangent.

the of paving the goler cyn entrance into death valley, that will NEVER happen. BIG BROTHER has never and never will OPEN up new avenues into our public lands that are no longer public.

what will happen though is quite the opposite- goler entrance will be CLOSED. NPS doesn't want to make the roads better and access for us any easier HOWEVER i still can't explain the county(?) filling in all the waterfalls going up goler. this one has me miffed.

all publis lands will be denied access before it's all over, which you and i will not see completed before we die but it WILL happen.

the best thing we can do is fight for our rights the best we can and not let the commie bastards get their way without a fight- make them earn their puny, slithering existence. they all want to be a COP and control the main public- it gives the little cowards a feeling of power they can't muster on their own.

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