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Posted by Tumbleweed on April 26, 2002 at 04:59:02:

02-128 - Death Valley NP (CA) - Explosives

On April 14th, visitors contacted interpretive rangers at the park's
visitor center and told them that they'd heard gunfire the previous day in
Butte Valley, which is in the remote southern end of the park. Ranger Aaron
Shandor and a county sheriff responded and were joined by ranger Sally
Sprouse. It took two hours for them to reach the area, where they contacted
three people at the geologist cabin and determined that they were part of a
larger group of 20 people from the Bay area who were engaged in various
illegal activities in the park - setting off explosives, shooting off
fireworks, engaging in target practice and skeet shooting, firing
paintballs at each other, and smoking marijuana. Among the items
confiscated were 22 firearms (two of which are illegal in California),
about 75 pounds of fireworks and agricultural explosives, a flare launcher,
and materials for making explosive devices, including two grenade
detonators. The explosives were being set off on park land. Rangers are
working with ATF, the Inyo County Sheriff's Office and military bomb
experts in the continuing investigation. [CRO, DEVA, 4/25]

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