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Posted by Pete on May 01, 2002 at 03:22:46:

In Reply to: Guns in Death Valley posted by Jeremy Hastings on April 30, 2002 at 12:20:06:

I suggest now is the time for all of us to start telling our gun control friends that this is an issue we will not compromise on any more. Here is what I have started to do. I do not argue with my liberal friends about gun control. I do not try to change their minds, I do not lecture them about the historical perspectives on the Second or the dangers of the power of the state. I do not mention Lott or a thousand other sources that speak so eloquently of the practical reasons to be armed. I do not try to explain the feeling of freedom that comes from the acceptance of my position as a citizen with the right and obligation to defend myself or our liberty. Instead, I ask them politely and calmly the following question: "Is gun control an issue you are willing to die for? Does this mean so much to you that you would give your life to make it so?"
I then explain that to the us, the Second Amendment is the keystone of the Constitution. It is the most important right to us. It guarantees all of the others. It is to us what the First of the Fifth is to them. I tell them in a cold, sober tone, that we have been backed into a corner by their side, and that is always dangerous to do. I tell them that by never once considering, much less acknowledging, the validity of our views, they have waged a war on our liberty that has forced us to consider an option that none of us would have thought possible just 5 years ago.

I tell them that just as no Black man would ever go back to segregation, just as no American would give up freedom of speech, that just as none of us would stand by and let the government herd the Jews to another holocaust, so will we never, ever give in on the Second. I tell them that we are at fault for never making this clear to them. I explain that while you may think this is something of little importance, it is the one issue that can, and will, lead to a revolution in this country. Not one other issue on the political scene has the power to do this.

I conclude by telling them, as calmly and rationally as I can, that I do not want war, I do not want to kill anyone; I simply want to be left alone to live my life as a free American. However, I know my duty to my ancestors, who fought at Bunker Hill, to my children, who are counting on me to preserve their liberty until it is their turn, and to every American who values our liberty today, and if they persist in attacking a basic human right, they can, and should, expect us to fight back.

They inevitably respond that "You can't really expect to stand up to the army or the police." I then give them this example: Last year, about 20,000,000 Americans bought some type of hunting license. Toss out half of them as duplicates, kids, guys who enjoy the field but don't care if they shoot or not, and the like. That leaves 10,000,000. Assume just 10% are deadly serious about this. That leaves one million, well armed, skilled Americans who are not going to sit back while the anti's take their freedom. Imagine a guerrilla war with one million Americans doing nothing more than resisting an assault on their basic rights? It would be unwinnable without the imposition of a total police sate, and that is something even the anti's should fear.
Even one hundred thousand Americans, willing to pay the price and to fight back, would be enough to make this a reality. Selectively fighting back against those who take your liberty makes a lot more sense that blowing up innocent Americans. Targeting those who would enslave you makes them personally liable for their actions against us. Remember, they will paint us as terrorists, but in this case, we are doing nothing more than resisting the kind of tyranny that would have long ago prompted our ancestors to act. The issue here is whether we really have that resolve. I believe we do, but we have never made that clear to the other side.

I have no problem with anyone exercising their First Amendment right to speak against gun ownership, to lobby for passive acquiescence to crime or tyranny just so long as they never, ever attempt to make their personal views into laws that affect the rest of us.

Remember, it is your country, VOTE, as the word(s)gun control could be easily replaced with ATV regulation or________(fill in the blank) It isn't about gun control or ATV regulation, its about control and regulation!!!!

Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined. –Patrick Henry

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