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Posted by Dezdan on May 11, 2002 at 02:01:21:

In Reply to: miners should leave posted by crystal on May 10, 2002 at 22:39:19:


Let me ask you a few questions: Where did the metal in your car (your mommy's car) come from? How about the copper wiring in your home? Or the steel nails that hold your home together?  How about the gold wiring in your computer? The talc in your makeup? The silica that the windows in your home and car are made of? The fillings in your teeth? The gems in your jewelry? The sand and gravel that makes up the concrete buildings in which your elected officials work day in and day out to keep this country safe. The special metals that help make up this country's military fleet that is out there protecting your rear right now? Huh? Where do you think it comes from? Most of all how do you thinks this nation survivors? How do you think the west was born? How do you think places like Death Valley were discovered? 

Now how do you think a miner would respond to your question? He is not there mining cause he wants to be, most likely he is there to support his family which in turn helps support this very country! I would like to see you work in a mine, just for one day. Trust me if you did, you would understand the industry and would not be floating around the web thinking you are special because you can say that you think "miners should leave". I am sure that just one day of underground labor intensive work would cure you mind and show you the dangers these brave men and woman face just so you can have the simple things in life such as a cell phone.


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