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Posted by Kelly on May 14, 2002 at 11:20:19:

In Reply to: Well, it looks like Joels ____ posted by Fly Paper on May 14, 2002 at 02:50:17:

I wrote to Joel about his site being down and this was his response;

Thank you for your email addressing your concerns about Desert Drifter (DD) and Desert Geographic (DG). The fact is, much is being done behind this “downtime” as to get a jump on material for months to come. Presently, we have some issues regarding ownership of material purchased through grant funding and domain name ownership. This includes books, rare pictures, and some other material that supported some research projects we will be posted here shortly. So to answer your question, the site will be up soon, but when, I am not sure.

Basically, I had given up on DD/DG late last year. This was based on my college curriculum, an upcoming wedding, volunteer work with the NPS and BLM, and some other issues. I just did not have the time to work on the site anymore and decided to let it go. Four students approached me about it and asked they be allowed to take it over – which they did and are still working on it today. January of this year, DD merged with a university and the outcome was to let the old theme go and to develop a new theme – DG. DG was to work in conjunction with the university regarding California’s cultural heritage and this is where the troubles started. Many of my stories involve having a good time and this includes the mentioning of alcohol and in some cases, nudity. When the story was posted about the “The Big Ass Mill” and the first chapter of the “Jack-A-Lope”, I received notification from the university (committee) to remove them immediately. I refused – thus, funding was stopped and legality issues arose about copyright ownership and content material. March of this year, I met with the university and we agreed that our partnership should be terminated. Upon this termination, I agreed to pay $3,600 for all the material purchased up to date. I might add, this was a great deal, but like an idiot, I did not read the contract carefully, and nothing was said about the domain names; the university still had ownership. Negotiations are underway to bring both domains back under my control and with some other material regarding mining history. I might add, we did come to terms last week about an agreed price, but as with all legal matters, their attorney and my attorney are arguing about wording and other things in the contract. Once this is resolved, I will be putting the site back up with

So just hang in there and I hope this helps?

Joel Briggs

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