was there a real Mutant in Goler Wash

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Posted by DDT on May 22, 2002 at 19:49:23:

There actually is little folklore of some Death Valley
oddities than might be classified as a mutant. I had heard stories from at least 2 diff. people who talked of a guy living in Goler wash. circa 1970's-80's when I spent alot of time there. He lived/camped/squatted in the area in some shelter cave or mine. He was very tall, bearded and kind of a Scary Mtn man looking dude. Story had it that he flipped out on drugs and headed to the hills. He would through rocks at vehicles in Goler wash in the narrow's freaking travelers out. I also heard he would raid camps and steal food. I also remember meeting a guy living up in
that area about the same time. He was a Manson scraggler once who was living in butte valley. He told some great stories. That is a another story, I have a 2 hour interview of him. I think his name was Mike. I never tried tried to confirm the story but it was known to some of my friends for many years. I did actually look for him once, circa 1982, w/o luck.
Has any one heard of the Goler Wash Mutant or a similar story.


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