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Posted by Virginia on August 08, 2002 at 23:08:16:

In Reply to: Burros are NOT sweet posted by Lara on April 05, 2002 at 21:17:55:

I just happened upon this site, so am behind the times with this posting but had to reply.

You see, I own burros. And, excuse me, but the NPS is dead wrong. And YOU are dead wrong. Burros are EXTREMELY sweet and quiet animals. This includes feral burros.

Yes, they can kill a mountain lion and do - because the mountain lion aims to kill THEM. So what's wrong with that? They do NOT generalize that out to all other living creatures, most especially humans. Well, that is until the NPS started shooting at them. They learned not to trust us pretty quickly then.

Are you aware that most states prefer that if people are going to ride or pack in state parks they use burros because of their LOW impact on the environment? They consume less than nearly any other mammal. That's food AND water, by the way.

I'm not unsympathetic to the plight of Bighorn Sheep, but the evidence is weak at best that the cause of their decline is burros. It's infintely more likely that it is HUMAN activity. You see, burros will peacefully share territory with humans. Bighorn sheep will not. So we've forced them into smaller and smaller ranges. They are not as well-equipped to fight off predators who are also fighting for the same range - and fleeing from us.

If you must blame an animal rather than humans, then look to the predators.

Yes, this post hit a raw nerve with me. I'm sick and tired of the lies and misinformation that is constantly fed to people about burros (donkeys). The facts are SO far off what most people have been lead to believe about them.

And quite frankly, the NPS shooting them is criminal in my eyes. They've made any potential rescue effort that much more difficult. Burros - especially feral ones - are incredibly intelligent animals. And they don't forget. Now that they've learned to fear and distrust us, what do we do?

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