Slate Range Potential Wilderness

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Posted by Dezdan on July 04, 2002 at 22:51:43:

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Managing agency: Bureau of Land Management.

Size: Approximately 32,240 acres.

Location: In Inyo County. Includes part of the Slate Range and the southern Panamint Valley.

Description: The diverse terrain of the Slate Range potential wilderness includes jagged peaks and steep canyons, which display a variety of colors from tan to red to gold. The associated bajada gently slopes into the Panamint Valley, with its large, flat salt pan. (A bajada is an alluvial plain formed at the base of a mountain by the coming together of several alluvial fans.) The vegetation of this area is mostly found in the bajada and lower elevations of the mountains, and consists mainly of low desert shrubs, mostly creosote bush.

The Slate Range potential wilderness was dropped from the California Desert Protection Act due to concerns from the U.S. Navy. Those concerns have since been addressed, and the area is worthy of re-consideration.

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