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Posted by cecile on July 11, 2002 at 17:56:06:

In Reply to: You have lived in the Desert too long when... posted by Dezdan on July 11, 2002 at 16:33:27:

Hey Deacan, I liked that one! We had a friend in high school who was Morman and his mission was in the Philipines. When he came back, in addition to not being used to being around his large family of sisters, he was not used to the cooler temepratures. In the middle of summer, he build a little shed big enough for a twin bed, and a small desk, and he had his heater going full blast!

On the same note, the first two weeks I was back from my adventure in Cerro Gordo, I had gotten used to walking on rocky sandy soils at steep inclines. Fortunately I live in the Foot Hills so I was able to get the incline by walking around the block here at home, or putting my treadmill on extreme incline. However when we went for a rare visit to the "bit city of Glendale" I had a horrible time adjusting to pounding the pavement in the flat lands! It's all a matter of what you've become accustomed to. I've been lazy for the past 6 weeks, and except for the tour to the Piutes and a climb to the old Piute Lookout, and some gardening around the house, I haven't done much exercise. We've got a tour to Cerro Gordo in two weeks, so I'm trying to re-condition myself for those steep hikes by doing Tae Bo and walking on the treadmill again with that extreme incline. Fortunately, I don't have to conditionmyself for extreme heat - Cerro Gordo and the other places I will be touring in the coming months have drier heat than we do here at home!
Never experience Death Valley in the summer...not sure I'm ready for the extreme temps, but I admire those of you who are!

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